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We are dedicated to providing quality service for all your automotive repair needs.




When the “check engine light” comes on or your car starts to make unusual sounds, it’s time for a diagnostic test. Even if you are not currently experiencing any problems, a routine check-in for your car is an important way to detect any problems before they worsen and require expensive repairs — or worse, your car breaks down. A car diagnostic test identifies issues with the vehicle’s engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition, brakes, throttle and more.



Annual tune-ups are an important type of preventative maintenance to ensure that your car is continuing to perform well and to extend its life. Tune-ups include the replacement of several wear-and-tear parts that require regular replacement, including spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition coils, distributor caps and rotors, engine air filters, motor oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and more.



If your alternator is not functioning correctly, the electrical system in your car will not be working properly. A problem with your electrical system can react to several more issues that can cause extreme damage and expensive repairs.



We offer many more services including ignition switch, water pumps, radiator, brakes/rotors/drums, CV axles, steering components, power steering pump fluid, control arms, inner and outer tie rod ends, battery/terminal replacements, serpentine belts, window regulator motors, AC pulley replacement, headlights, mirrors, brake lights, fuel pump/fuel filters, relays, valve cover gaskets, thermostat, spark plugs/tune-ups, sensors, and EGR valves.


Buying a used car? Consider a full pre-purchase car inspection before buying. Our inspections involve a thorough mechanical and visual evaluation of both the interior and exterior of the car. Our inspections will verify the functioning of equipment, confirm the condition level of the car, and possibly reveal any damages or problems that you may have missed or not been informed of. Our inspections ensure that you can have peace of mind that your car is safe and adheres to the highest mechanical standards. Feel re-assured that trusted professionals gave your car the green-light before making a large purchase!

Check engine light repair

Oil and filter


Auto air conditioning service

Radiator repair service

Car electrical repair

Gasoline engine


Factory scheduled maintenance

Brake system


Tire and wheel service

Car tune-up service


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